• Frequent Buyer Program
    & save loads of time!

The best program for retailers to manage Frequent Buyer Cards. We cater to any industry including pet food, shoe stores, hair salons, yoga studios and more.

Our programs make life easier tidy reports more time for retailers, vendors & customers.

Program Features & Benefits

Customer Support

We have a reputation of outstanding customer service, whenever needed.
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Easy-to-Use for Staff

Designed & built so even the most computer illiterate staff have no troubles.

250+ Pet Product Brands

are currently being used in our program among our clients. Click here to see all pet food brands being used.

Email Marketing

Email Marketing can be added to any account for no extra cost. You only pay when you send a campaign. Once added, your account will sync with your email marketing list and populate any emails that are added/updated.

Neat & Tidy Reports

Email or Print tidy redemption reports for reimbursement. No more handing in wrinkled, hand-written, paper cards for redemption.

Unlimited Customers, Cards & *Brands/Vendors

There's no limit on the number of customers and cards you can add to the system.

*Brands/Vendors are unlimited with Plan 2 which is $44.99/mo. See more pricing

Browser Compatible on Mac/PC

Ideal browsers are Safari, Firefox, Chrome & recent versions of Internet Explorer. Other browsers should be fine as well. Our clients use our program on laptops, desktops, iPads and other tablets. We don't provide any hardware or stands.

and more...

Click here to open up a SAMPLE of a redemption report that you can use to show vendors. Many vendors will accept our reports in place of collecting UPCs.

*The report has been updated since to include UPCs for each purchase and options to have staff initials and/or product costs to show for each purchase.
Click here to see more information about our Mobile Marketing add-on.
Click here to open up our brochure, to print and show other staff.
  • Option to set a PassCode, required to delete purchase entries.
  • Option to set the number of months for each vendor, that a card is valid to be filled in.
  • Option to include staff initials with purchases.
  • Choose which customer information fields should be 'Required' or not.
  • Choice of pre-populating: area code, city or province to save time when adding customers.
  • Option to include product costs on reports.
  • Option to include Distributor Codes on Summary page of reports.
  • Option to add & search by Pet's Names.
  • and many more!

  • Our program has been described as a lifesaver fantastic time saving a blessing easy-to-use invaluable quick & efficient by our clients.

    These are just a handful of the 200+ *brands being used in our programs. Click to see all  

    *Not all brands offer redemption for a frequent buyer program, some stores cover them themselves.